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Netcasts Vs Podcasts. Who needs a fight like that?

In Uncategorized on October 7, 2006 at 2:04 pm

Over the past couple of weeks, there’s been this debate about what podcasts should be called. This furor of nomenclature –wow! how exciting–was something that I thought would be dismissed as some stupid little hissyfight that warrants no further debate, but it seems that Apple has been sending out cease and desist letters to websites and podcasters telling them not only to remove the word “iPod” from their domain names, such as and mypodder, but also they’re chasing after people who use the word “podcasts”, and basically the word “pod” as it relates to the iPod. Jeez.

True, Apple has to defend its trademark, or else face losing their iPod trademark, as Kleenex and Xerox did. Chasing after “iPod”, I get, but “Podcasts”? That’s just dumb. It’s a catchy name that sounds good and helps the promote the image of global dominantion the iPod has, but really, there’s no point fighting over it. TWiT Leo Laporte has been actively promoting the word “Netcasts” to replace “Podcasts”, which isn’t so catchy, and has filed to trademark the word, but hell, if Apple are gonna grumble over it, let every podcaster in the world give up and move over to netcasts. There’s nothing Apple has to gain in this fight.