Magazine Covers of the Year

In magazines on November 11, 2006 at 12:47 pm


It’s been awhile since the last blog posting, but be patient while I try to get my ass writing regularly about this stuff. Quite a bit of news and events have since passed by, so I’ll start off with this surprising winning candidate of the Magazine Publishers of America‘s (MPA) recent announcement of its first-ever awards for magazine cover of the year. The choice for best celebrity cover went to Harper’s Bazaar featuring Julianne Moore–and the surprise was that it was green. Yep, the colour green has taken its fair share of prejudice and neglect, after showing that it never sells magazine covers.

“A cover,” writes David Hepworth, the head honcho of publishing company Developmental Hell, ” must appeal to a moron in a hurry, which is why none of the following works: anything ‘intriguing’, green, anything illustrated, anything downbeat apart from an obit, anything with the words ‘part two’.”

Now, while it is true that Vanity Fair’s “Green Issue” was quite an unattractive one, this Julianne Moore cover, on the other hand, is different. Green suits her well, as you can see, and I’m glad that the editor took the gutsy move to go all green for the cover, from the masthead to the dress, down to her glorious green eyes.

It just goes to show that while there are some rules when applied to the science of covers, there are always exceptions to the rules that we cannot neglect. It takes a good editor with guts and instinct to know when to make that exception.


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