Ellen Feiss and the Switch

In TV on November 14, 2006 at 11:10 am

Last week, news broke out that Justin Long (aka Warren Cheswick from Ed) won’t continue being the Mac guy in Apple’s latest ad campaign, followed by all the comments that pretty much equated to “thank fuck he’s gone!”. While the whole Mac vs. PC (okay, let’s not beat around the bush–Windows) spot was funny and true, I always had that unsettling feeling whenever I saw it, and I guess I wasn’t alone in thinking that the Mac dude was a smarmy, cooler-than-thou, Oooh-look-at-me-I-got-no-virus!-hands-in-pocket guy that was a parody of the typical Mac user (haven’t met one yet? Come to the office).

A couple of days later, Dvorak rediscovered and posted up this Ellen Feiss Apple ad campaign (above), which was made a couple of years back but never shown to a wide audience. Not sure why not, because this Ellen chick (later dubbed “Stoner girl”) is too cool for school. If I’d seen this ad, I’d really consider switching. And five minutes later, work on my Windows PC. Hey, 95% of the computing world can’t be wrong.

PS: Latest news, according to Mac Rumours, is that Justin hasn’t been fired. That’s like… a bummer.


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