Amie Street: now in the media spotlight

In News, Online on March 9, 2007 at 10:04 am


The new music portal Amie Street has been around since last year, having been much hyped about by Techcrunch since middle of last year. But it’s only now that the site is building up a head of steam, more so over the past week when anti-DRM folks Barenaked Ladies posted their music up for sale at the site. I first heard about Amie Street through a Net@nite episode a couple of months back ago, but was skeptical about all these music portal sites because most of the bands featured are quite crap. Now, however, you’re going to see Amie Street emerge from obscurity, as it recently signed a new deal with Nettwerk Music Group, which is home to Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, and Paul Van Dyk.

What Amie Street does uniquely is two-fold; one is that it sells music in MP3 format, without any DRM attached to it–meaning that you can download, play, and share your music on any player, with anyone; a bold step considering music labels like Sony and Microsoft are constantly trying to beef up their DRM technologies. Secondly, songs sold are priced according to demand–they start off free when first posted up, and as it gets downloaded more, the price goes up incrementally. The Barenaked Ladies’ album didn’t take too long in reaching the highest price point of 98 cents, so watch out for more big artists to offer their songs on the site as time goes on.

Startups like these gives back power to both the consumers and the artists, which have seen their rights as creators and listeners stripped down by the record labels. I won’t say it’s going to be an instant success, but it’s heartening to see them growing up and offering an alternative to iTunes. If Amie Street is going to succeed, however, it’s going to need a whole lot more than Avril and BNL to support them–which, goes without saying, is a pretty fucked up task to undertake. If you’re interested in posting up your own music for sale, it’s easy too, with you taking 70% of the music sales above $5–a pretty decent deal that everyone can take up on.

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