Microsoft moves in to replace JPEG

In Pictures on March 9, 2007 at 9:28 am

There’s been news that the JPEG picture format is due for a change, and after 15 years, I figured that it’s about time too. I read about the emergence of the new JPEG 2000 format awhile back, which does look good, but it hasn’t become a standard like its predecessor, as it isn’t widely supported in web browsers. I’ve got a feeling that the new HD Format is going to be big especially with Microsoft pushing hard for it; it’s soon submitting to an international standards organization a new photo format that offers higher-quality images with better compression, as reported by The new format incorporates a lightweight algorithm that causes less damage to photos during compression, with higher-quality images that are half the size of a JPEG.

But, as the reporter suggests, “Time will tell whether HD Photo can supplant JPEG by gaining the support of printer, camera and application vendors. But Microsoft is supporting the format in products such as its Vista and XP operating systems and has already gained an important vendor ally.”

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