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Back to the Grindstone… and LolBots!

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2007 at 11:50 am


So now, after having closed the second issue of KLue last week, I can finally twiddle my thumbs a little before the tedious task begins again of “rolling up the snowball up the mountain”, as David Hepworth would say about the monthly process of editing magazines. Which is odd, considering that it’s 7pm, and I should be at home enjoying my Tomb Raider Anniversary (consistently dying off mis-jumped cliffs). Guess I’m still itching to write something out before the day ends as part of my new regime of brain exercise. This, I suspect, will turn out as well as my new regime of physical exercise, which is now non-existent beyond walking to the nearest coffee joint.



My latest addiction has been a series of non-sensical lolbots–It’s hard to explain it myself, just go and see it lah. It’s just so stupidly hilarious–a badly spelt out slogan that basically follows the code “im in ur <noun> <verb>ing ur <second noun>.” There’s a cute all-kitty version on, but lolbots totally owns, man. Totally fucking hilarious shit. Am thinking of getting the T-shirt posted up on thinkgeek.


The geek trip has been brought upon after reading too much geekery when editing July’s KLue, which is our salute to geeks like me (Check out my Form 1 picture in the ed’s note–that’s a Nerd there, and not the cool kind). The funny thing that always struck me was how everyone proclaims he/she was a total geek in high-school, and I’m dumbstruck by how acknowledging yourself as such a social outcast is now socially acceptable. In some ways, I’m sad that geekdom has now lost their social outcast status, because now I’ve got no excuse left to explain why I’m a little on the anti-social side besides saying “I’m growing old”.


But anyways, do check out the mag when it hits the stands–I’ll continue my rant about being old there (and doing my best imitation of John C. Dvorak: “Get off my lawn, you kids!”), but there’s also this little thing we compiled called lifehacking–a series of little tips and tricks to make life better, thanks and inspired the folks at and