More Predictions for 2008!

In News, Online on December 26, 2007 at 9:21 am


(Picture courtesy of blackfantastix on deviantart)

Gotta love these prediction articles. Check out “2008 Web Predictions” from, with some choice ones including:

— 2008 will be slow and cautious, with the first half dominated by recession or fear of recession. (fear of the bubble bursting will come in towards mid-year I feel)

— Microsoft will become more aggresive and buy many popular companies at once (remember Ballmer’s quote). Candidates include SixApart, Technorati. (no doubt, a contributor to the fear of the bubble bursting thanks to it overvaluing its takeovers)

–Google will really start looking vulnerable in 2008. While the ‘one trick pony’ comment by Steve Ballmer drew sarcastic responses, this will begin to look prophetic. While they’ll maintain market share in the search industry, the lack of traction in any other of their other initiatives will start to cause frustration. Plus, they will increasingly be perceived as the ‘evil’ company in many of these new initiatives. (Nah. People will still love Google, mostly because Microsoft sucks. It’s a lesser of two evils, so to speak.)

–Facebook will release a browser. (like, srsly? is there a point, seeing that there’s Flock?)

–Privacy will be a growing concern in the mainstream, but ultimately people won’t really take any action and for the most part, things won’t change. Some companies and groups (think Mozilla) will push for better privacy controls for users, while others (think Facebook) will continue to push the envelope and continue down a slippery slope. Users will eventually push back, but I am hesitant to say that proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back” will come in 2008. (Totally agree–privacy is a big issue this year with Google and Facebook, and will be next year as marketers try to harness social data for their own use. I wonder how Facebook’s gonna turn a profit?)


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