Android Phone For Real?

In Geek Stuff, News on December 27, 2007 at 2:19 pm


(pic sourced from Gizmodo, link below)

Despite persistent rumours that that there’s no such thing as a G-Phone, Gizmodo snapped this picture of a “prototype” model in the wild, and now APCMag predicts the Android is gonna be unveiled when the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona kicks off on February 11th. It’s a sketchy prediction at best, just wanting to grab headlines. You probably still won’t see anything resembling a G-Phone (just the OS) on Feb 11 (but journos will still stubbornly ask whenwhenwhenwhen?), but still it’ll be interesting to see how the Open Handset Alliance-created OS will look like. Too many cooks in the kitchen, or utopian concept come true? This from APCMag

You can bet that if Google’s handset partners lift the covers on their Android phones during the Mobile World Congress expo, which kicks off on February 11th in Barcelona – or if Google itself trots out a flock of phones to impress this annual powerhouse gathering of the global mobile industry (the company has booked two stands on the expo floor) – that these will be shiny snazzy models endowed with a very high ‘cool’ factor.


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