New wheels for Bean

In Automobiles, TV on December 28, 2007 at 5:47 pm
Based on this report actor Rowan Atkinson has bought one of the world’s fastest cars this New Year – a Morgan Aeromax.

The 52-year-old actor, who already has a collection of luxury motors including Aston Martins, purchased the British-made Morgan Aeromax for 110,000 pounds.The limited edition Aeromax races from 0-60MPH in less than five seconds and has a top speed of 170mph.

With a Batmobile-style gull-wing boot and a 20-inch alloy wheels, the car also has a stunning 4.4 litre V8 engine.

Morgan, a company based in Worcestershire has made only 100 of the exclusive cars, and the Bean star has already booked one for himself.

An insider revealed that all the cars have already been snapped up.

“It’s a good job Rowan got in quick because they have all been snapped up. It’s a great investment because the cars can only rocket in value. Obviously Mr Bean’s no fool really,” The Sun quoted the insider, as saying.

Morgan Aeromax is one of the fastest accelerating cars in Europe and can hit 170mph with 0-60mph dash in 4.5 seconds.

Its still no proton
  1. It’s funny how after years that Rowan Atkinson is still being called Mr. Bean. The fella must be fucking furious, maybe that’s why he bought the new wheels.

  2. not furious enough to decline doing those lamo bean movies though 🙂

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