One (wo)man’s trash…

In South Of The Border on December 31, 2007 at 2:49 am

wacky news from singapore

Our Star reports that an 18-YEAR-OLD student in Singapore is openly selling worn-cum-unwashed thongs, panties and bras via online, reported China Press.

According to the daily, the student posted pictures of her lingerie with price tags in her blog. The blog also has pictures of her wearing thongs.

A pair of panties costs S$30 while a bra goes for $50. Pictures of the student (not showing her face) in underwear are also available at $10 each.

The student, known as Pamela, said the sale was to help finance her studies.

Pamela said she did not meet up with her clients and provide “extra” service other than selling them the used items.

She said all items purchased were immediately sealed in plastic bags and posted.

Business has been brisk for the past month as Pamela had sold four pairs of G-strings and a few pictures of her in thongs.

Currently, the unsold undergarments posted in her blog include eight G-strings and four bras.

Wasn’t there an urban legend that vending machines existed in Japan that sold this kinda stuff? Anyways, here’s an alternate link in the singapore press with pics



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