The Shameless Build Up To Macworld

In Geek Stuff on January 2, 2008 at 9:39 am


(Pic from scol22, stock.xchng)

For those interested to know, Mac Rumours recently received confirmation from a reliable source that Macworld will see the launch of the long-awaited Apple Sub-Notebook, with a (and I’m sure fan boys will drool at this) multi-touch trackpad. Meh. They’ll be using a mouse anyway, so does it really matter THAT much?

A Mac sub-notebook is indeed expected to be coming at the Macworld and, as rumored, will not coming with an internal optical drive. This omission is presumably due to Apple’s ongoing efforts to reduce the size of their laptops. Instead, Apple is said to be offering an external optical drive with the sub-notebook. This detachable external drive would allow customers to read/write from CDs or DVDs as usual, but would allow users to leave this extra bulk at home when on the road.

For those who want to check out their hit-rate on the rumours so far, check out their biggest Apple leaks of 2007–they stole the lead on the iPod Fatty Nano, which everyone slammed at first, before drinking the kool-aid at the Press Conference.


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