Yoo-Hoo! TwitterTale sees you!

In Geek Stuff on January 4, 2008 at 9:21 am

ceilingcat9xd.jpgThis is more of a novelty site than anything else, but it’s pretty fun: TwitterTale basically monitors and puts up any twitterer who cusses, using the “top 5 Naughty Words: Shit, ass, fucking, bitch, balls”

Some choice tweets so far:

“Hmm. I just realized that Art’s balls are larger than mine.–rcdiugun”

“Balls. You’re all a bunch of pansies. Where’d the mothafuckin’ cheese go at?–aarwalk”

i think i can safely say that “freezing one’s balls off” is just an expression. if it were a real phenomenon, i’d be a eunuch now.–misc


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