LG’s Phone Watch: Ridiculous To Use, Ultra Cool For Geeks

In Geek Stuff, News on January 6, 2008 at 4:22 pm


(Pic from Engadget, link below)

The buzz from this year’s CES isn’t coming from the giant TV screens or pumped-up audio equipment, but this little gadget caught by engadget: The LG Phone Watch. Yup, it’s a phone shaped like a watch. It’s true–in the future, you too can be Michael Knight and talk to your watch. It’s the stuff of every geek’s wet dream–well, this, and seeing Jessica Biel using this watch. To call me. MMMMMM…. random fantasies.

Oh, did I mention it’s absolutely ridiculously hard to use? Dialling a number takes 3 times longer than a normal mobile, with a rubbish clicking sound everytime you scroll for the numbers. Imagine texting on this thing–it’s a nightmare. But not, of course, if Jessica Biel’s texting. MMMMM…

On to the video:


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