Because Pictures of Religious Defamation Are Just Damn LOL.

In Pictures on January 11, 2008 at 10:48 am

Always wanted to post this. It’s an old pic, but it’s awesome. (And it’s probably true, so it’s not sacrilegious)


Here’s the place where I found it.

According to Maoglone it was taken “in or around Cincinnati, OH. The sign originally said, “God Listens to Mike McConnell,” I believe. 700WLW is an extremely storied AM radio station. It’s where one can listen to the Cicinnati Reds, too.”

Also related (but old post): the final conclusive, mathematical evidence that God does not kill a kitten everytime you masturbate. So yes, your conscience is clear, O lonely one.

There are nearly 26 billion male masturbation sessions in the U.S., yet there are fewer than five million kitten deaths annually. Far from a one-to-one correlation, there are 5401.5 masturbation sessions for every single kitten death. This means that the average American man can masturbate regularly for 22.5 years before he is responsible for the death of a single kitten.

Indeed, with a life expectancy of less than 75 years, the average man will be responsible for only two or three kitten deaths in a lifetime of vigorous masturbation.


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