Because Carmen Electra Became Hot Without Make-Up

In Celebrity on January 21, 2008 at 1:37 pm


Gotta admit that when I first saw this story on Digg I didn’t really hit it. I mean, Carmen Electra is so overdone and over made up, I never expected anything too mind-blowing with the title “I Never Knew Carmen Electra Was This Pretty.” Then, Diggnation happened, I saw the picture, and I was blown away (full pic here). And yes, I know there’s a pussy on her back, but this is such a totally SFW and innocent picture that no puns come to mind at the mo. Yes, it is possible to see a Carmen Electra photo without having dirty thoughts.

Sure, there’s tonnes of photoshop done to to her–that’s a given in today’s magazine industry, but there’s also a right way and a wrong way of approaching a shoot. Even in my Chrome magazine days, I always thought that less can be so much better and sexier, given the right lighting and mood of the subject. This is how Carmen Electra usually looks like in her shoots.


This nude-look reminds me of that shoot with Hannah Tan way back when we shot her in 2005; half-stripped from make-up, she was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Also helped that she was in the shower with a swimsuit on. Heh. But she was a trooper that day, and she’s definitely high on my list of natural beauties.


PS: She didn’t have any digital touch-up done.

  1. she looks hot natural, but her boobies are still fake 😦

  2. You’re just picky. I’d still hit ’em.

  3. Dang. I had some dirty thoughts even without the makeup.

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