Mediacorp offers podcasts

In Online, South Of The Border on January 22, 2008 at 12:03 am


(Andrea Fonseka–in ur mediacorp podcast, mking u prokrastinate)

Here’s another reason why Singapore is just that much better than Malaysia when it comes to Digital Media. Mediacorp– the media juggernaut down south–has embraced the podcast phenomenon and are now offering a whole bunch of stuff at their podcast portal. Granted that much of it is currently straight from their radio channels, but it would make sense to start with audio only from Mediacorp’s perspective.

More importantly though, they also allow user submitted content at their site (with prior review and approval of course). This is huge. Mediacorp are offering all of us a gateway to market our podcast to the domestic regional audience and this allows newbie podcasters to at least have an avenue to gain that critical mass of listeners before they can start getting ad revenue.

iTunes is full of seasoned pros and vets at this point and is so full of stuff, it would be easy to get lost there. I am unsure if contracts etc. with Medicorp will be involved , but hey, at least this is an option that was unavailable previously. All newbie podcasters should at least check it out.

The site also has a very definite iTunes Music Store look and feel to it so I guess those familiar with podcasts (majority using iTunes) will feel right at home. The site now claims to have already exceeded 3 million downloads.


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