The Internet Vs The Church of Scientology

In News on January 24, 2008 at 3:10 pm



(Update: You can witness the gradual shutdown of Scientology sites here. Foshizzle.)

This is breaking all over the Internet. A group that calls themselves “Anonymous” have release a video on youtube (posted after the break) along with a press release declaring war on the Church of Scientology. From their press release:

Anonymous is a collective composed of many Internet users, combined under one name. The group gained fame through popular image-boards and accrued influence both on the Internet and the real world. They have launched offensives against a wide variety of targets, including the social website Habbo Hotel and various White Supremacy entities. Anonymous played a major role in the capture of Canadian pedophile Chris Forcand.

To help coordinate their attack on the Church of Scientology, Anonymous has set up Project Chanology, a wiki which gives users tips and tools to attack the church. The attacks range from denial of service (DoS) attacks on their servers, prank calling their phone lines and looping a fax of a black page.

Although I still think that this is a passing fad, its really picking up momentum. This poster now appears in London

Here’s the video of the apocalyptic geek-threat to Scientology. The best line: “Anonymous has therefore decided that your Organisation should be destroyed. For the good of your followers. For the good of mankind. And for our own enjoyment.” LOL.

And here’s the mainstream propaganda that Anonymous was referring to that kick-started this whole movement.

Let’s see what happens.

  1. LOL. I guess they couldn’t wait for Fifth of November to tear them down. But this is good shit right here!

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