And Now, A Word About The Elections (Possibly Feat. Jay Chou)

In News on January 25, 2008 at 8:53 am


(Pic from the dynamic duo, taken in sober mood.)

First off, a big huge-ass congrats to Michelle, Sarah and all involved in VotEd, who were featured in NST on Jan 6 (yeah, so I’m a bit slow) for starting up the group, which you can find out more on Facebook. Essentially, if you’re young, on Facebook, and absolutely blur on the issues surrounding the local political scene, join up to get yourself informed on the latest news and blogposts in the run up to the nearing elections.

And no, knowing them personally, they’re not ball-busting chicas who’ll bore you to death with a pessimistic view on Malaysian politics. On the contrary, I think they’re quite the optimists, who believe that the apathetic attitude of Malaysian youth can be turned around to make a difference in the way the country is being run. If it’s one thing this country needs, it’s hope, and they have bagfuls of it.

Thanks to Michelle, I’ve picked up this piece of news from BERSIH, who’ll once again mobilise the peeps for another gathering on Feb 23 to remind the Government about the call for free and fair elections.

In response to the PM and IGP’s suggestions that BERSIH holds its gatherings in alternative venues such as a stadium, BERSIH has decided it will apply for three venues (Merdeka Stadium, Bukit Jalil Stadium as well as Dataran Merdeka) for its second gathering.

We are mobilizing the rakyat again as our core demands for electoral reform have not been seriously addressed by the Election Commission and the Barisan Nasional. BERSIH will over the next few weeks intensify our efforts to take our message of electoral reform to Malaysian citizens and inform them about the rally on 23 February 2008.

As the Barisan Nasional has tried to portray any public gathering critical of the administration as aggressive or violent events, we are declaring our rally as a “Pesta” and a celebration of our demand for electoral reform and of the real democracy that all freedom-loving Malaysians want. Everyone is welcome to attend the Pesta Rakyat “Jom BERSIH” with their families.

BESIH reiterates that the PM’s and IGP’s statement that a stadium was offered for the 10 November BERSIH rally is not true at all. The question of alternative venues did not crop up in the discussions between BERSIH leaders and the police, prior to the rally.

In mobilizing for the Pesta Rakyat “Jom BERSIH”, we will inform the Rakyat about the following.
Firstly, the electoral roll remains dirty and flawed, in contrast to Tan Sri Rashid’s claim that the electoral roll is now “free of dubious voters”, as published in The Star on 9 January 2008.

To take a minor example, many Malaysians have received emails about three voters whose ICs are “991214740101″, “910815750017″ and “981231081137″ suggesting that they are either children or more than 100 years old. BERSIH was told by the EC HQ in Putrajaya on 31 December 2007 that the three were deceased voters and therefore their names would be removed. As at this morning, the names of the three are still on the electoral roll.

It sickens me to know that the government recently squandered some RM16million on 50,000 transparent ballot boxes (although, can anyone substantiate this with a news source?), which I’m sure is just a superficial indication of much deeper problems in the Electoral process.

On the other hand, though, I absolutely loved the dude who posted this comment on the article: ” OOOiiiii!!!!!! Feb 23 got the Jay Chou concert at Merdeka stadium!!!! Don’t apply for that date!!!!!”


  1. they look familiar… ive seen them someplace. also, who the heck is jay chou?

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