Clone Wars Makes It To Cinemas! w00t!

In Movies on February 13, 2008 at 3:17 am


(Pic from USA Today, link below)

Arguably, the best thing to come out of the new Star Wars trilogy was a cartoon. The Genndy Tartakovsky-directed Clone Wars mini-series was everything the new trilogy was not–plenty of kick-ass action, minimal dialogue, and an engaging storyline. Well, the fanboys have been heard, and news is that the a 100-minute Clone Wars full-length movie will be hitting the cinemas this 15 August.

Great news? Maybe not–George Lucas is executive producer, and the first screenshot printed by USA Today shows that it’s nothing like the animated series. It still looks mean, though. Story from

You might have thought that no Star Wars movie would ever show in theaters again, at least not until Lucas re-releases them in 3D sometime after 2010. Good news – that’s no longer the case, as we have received confirmation that the animated movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be playing in theaters on August 15th later this year! The movie is a full-length feature developed from the 25-episode animated Clone Wars series that played on Cartoon Network a few years back. Lucasfilm is launching this new movie in theaters where it will later play on Cartoon Network again before the launch of yet another new animated series. Star Wars is back in theaters again in 2008, baby!

Warner Brothers decided to kick off the series with this theatrical release after they were shown the first footage from the series. Star Wars: The Clone Wars will run around 100 minutes in length and will take place between Episodes II and III. Anakin is not Darth Vader yet and the story will be focused around the ensuing Clone Wars that began in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Warner Brothers and Lucasfilm seem as excited about this release as we are, saying “I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want it” and taking a risk by “trying to do something unprecedented — marrying TV series and theatrical release.”

In this film, Anakin and Obi-Wan are trying to hold together the galactic republic, split apart by war between a separatist robot army and the good-guy white-armored clones. The Jedi apprentice you see above is actually Anakin’s padawan, a change from the story that we’ve been familiar with throughout the movies. However, they’re not changing up the Star Wars lore without the help of the man in charge. “George is our guide. He’s the creator of the Star Wars universe, so we couldn’t have a better mentor,” asserts director Dave Filoni.

For those who missed out on the original Clone Wars series, here’s a clip to see what you’ll miss out on in the movie:


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