Will Lenovo X300 kick Air?

In Geek Stuff, News on February 14, 2008 at 3:36 am


(Pic from Gizmodo, link below)

WSJ’s Walt Mossberg, whom I’ve always regarded as an Apple Fanboy, has recently leaked out pictures of the upcoming ultraportable from Lenovo to Gizmodo. Placed cheekily enough on top of a manila envelope, the X300 is rumoured to trounce the MacBook Air in many ways if all the specs are true: floating around is news of “the inclusion of a removable battery, three USB ports, WiFi, an integrated Ethernet jack and optional GPS / WWAN to boot. Heck, users will even be able to order this 3.12-pound critter with Windows XP if they so choose.”

Furthermore, looking at the comments section, it’s going to be just 0.2-inch thicker, but what you could get is “WWAN and WiMAX connectivity, GPS and an expansion bay, which will accept either a DVD drive, secondary battery or ExpressCard slot,” according to

Of course, no way is it as sexy as the MacBook Air–you don’t buy ThinkPads for the way it looks, but for its functionality. It’s less of a rich-boy’s plaything and more for biz-on-the-go.

  1. i love my thinkpad. would never trade it for a mac.

  2. geez. what a SURPRISE. I still want an iPod Touch 32GB.

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