Knight Rider Back On The Telly?

In TV on February 21, 2008 at 7:29 am


(Pic from Wikipedia. Yes, I’m lazy.)

Last week was filled with crazy deadlines, but somehow, I managed to keep in touch with it and managed to avoid going to 7-11 for a pack of ciggies. Other than that, everything’s status quo: Lack of alcohol in blood. Check. Lack of social life. Check. Addiction to the OC. Check.

Speaking of television, I didn’t know that a remake of Knight Rider was in the works, let alone making a big debut on TV last Sunday. According to the Guardian, NBC’s remake of Knight Rider “looks likely to earn a full series commission, after the 1980s show returned to US TV on Sunday night with almost 13 million viewers.”

Apparently 12.7 million viewers bothered to turn on their telly sets to watch a two-hour pilot, with most of them likely to be guys who once thought driving a talking car while flamboyantly showing an abundance of chest hair (check.) made you the coolest guy on television. Ever.

So yes, after taking a 16-year break, Knight Rider looks set to return with a few changes. KITT is now a black Ford Mustang, replacing the original Pontiac Trans Am. KITT has been described in the Guardian as “wise-cracking”, which I highly doubt KITT will ever be, especially now that Val “bubba-lips” Kilmer is voicing it. Come to think of it, I wonder if KITT will do leet-speak and go like “U wants turbo boosterz?! w00t!,” “GPS is for n00bz,” and “ur driving suXXorz! Lulz!” to keep up with the MySpace generation.

According to the story, newcomer Justin Bruening is now the star of the show, although “cult favourite David Hasselhoff made a guest appearance as Michael Knight. NBC will confirm its new commissions in May but the network is expected to order a full series of Knight Rider following Sunday’s figures. ”

I hope it won’t turn into another Bionic Woman, but according to the LA Times, you shouldn’t get all huffed up about it, describing it “like a glacier with turbo-revving sound effects. ‘It’s pretty talky for a show about a cool car,’ concluded my 9-year-old son, and he pretty much nailed it.”

A barely there plot drove the action and got everyone up to speed (terrible puns totally intentional): Though it’s been 25 years since the original KITT ruled the road, Knight Industries creator Charles Graiman (Bruce Davison) has not been idle — when a band of unidentified thugs (one with that requisite vaguely British accent) attempt to steal Graiman’s various “codes,” it becomes clear that what Graiman now knows could, in an instant, destroy the world. (In which case you really would think he’d have better security than a cardiac-challenged old guy, but never mind.)

Believing they have accidentally killed Graiman, the band o’ evildoers goes in search of his comely daughter Sarah (Deanna Russo), who is blithely teaching at Stanford just as if the Fate of the World did not rest in her hands.

Hey, his son said it was a cool car. What more do you want?

  1. the mustangs are hitting all the right buttons… barricade (the mustang police car) ( was easily one of the coolest transformers in the flick

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