Realpolitik In The New Opposition: Is Kit Siang Our Kissinger?

In News on March 13, 2008 at 9:07 am


Just a few days after the political tsunami, the knives are out for the opposition, none more so eager than The Star. I really can’t be bothered with reading the paper these days as it continues on its anti-opposition propaganda, especially after its shameless biased coverage of the pre-election run up.

Hence, I’m relying on blogs these days to get my analysis of the political situation that’s developing, especially in Perak. Oon Yeoh today posted an interesting take on Kit Siang’s outburst regarding the appointment of PAS’ Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin to lead the state. According to Oon, you shouldn’t take Kit Siang’s opposition on face value, but rather, it’s part of a grander game of political chess going on.

Here’s the post, and you can follow up on the saga on his blog:

According to sources, DAP and PKR were dismayed by the decision to give the Perak MB position to PAS (DAP has the most number of state seats followed by PKR. PAS had the least).

Such a situation could have turned out very badly for DAP with MCA ready to pounce and condemn it for giving in too easily for PAS.

Kit Siang objected vehemently – earning the scorn of bloggers and online commentators last night – but the seasoned politician knew exactly what he was doing.

What does he do this morning? He apologizes to the Sultan and the Regent of Perak. All DAP state reps will be attending the ceremony after all.

The Opposition coalition proceeds and MCA is without any ammunition to attack DAP.

No one can claim that they did not put up a fight. No one can claim they gave in easily. What can Ong Ka Chuan say now?

This, folks, is political chess. This is realpolitik. This is why Kit Siang is the master politician.


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