Because We Can Know Where The G-Spot Is. Finally.

In News on April 2, 2008 at 3:16 pm


(Pic from Scol22)

Thought this was another one of those ridiculous April Fools’ joke, especially with a name like Professor Phanuel Dartey, which rhymes and sounds like “Phoney Farty.” And then I googled his name, and turns out he’s legit. Yikes.

Oh, about the story: turns out that the UK Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Centre (Man, I’d really hate to have a biz card with that) is offering collagen injections to a woman’s G-Spot, making it bigger, and thus easier to be, ahem, spotted. To answer your question: No, a torchlight still would not help. And it does not glow in the dark, either.

From The Telegraph:

A collagen injection which is designed to enhance women’s pleasure around the G-spot is being launched in the UK.

The G-Shot, which is given under local anaesthetic and takes about half an hour, is being hailed as the latest lunchtime procedure.

A specially designed speculum is used to help direct the injection into the G-spot, with effects lasting around four months.

The £800 jab temporarily enlarges the G-spot to the size of a 10p in width and a quarter of an inch in height.

This makes the G-spot easier to locate and highly sensitive, which it is claimed could enhance sexual arousal and gratification.

Prof Dartey said the jab was now being used worldwide and he has treated about five women so far at his clinic. “Obviously the British are a bit conservative but the results are fantastic,” he said.

Prof Dartey said US studies have suggested that 87 per cent of women who had the jab reported enhanced sexual arousal and gratification. This included more orgasms that last longer, multiple orgasms and a heightened libido.


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