Because Veronica Belmont is Leaving Mahalo. Rock On!

In Geek Stuff, Online on April 3, 2008 at 3:02 pm


(Pic from Veronica Belmont’s Flickr stream)

And I’ve always wanted a reason to post something about geek-heartthrob Veronica Belmont. *sigh*. Oh, anyways, the point is, her high-geek-hotness VB will be leaving Mahalo Daily, a daily how-to web show that’s a side project from, a people-powered (dare I say it? “Folksonomised”?) web search engine. All the better for her that she’s leaving Jason Calacanis all alone with his show. I guess being the producer/host of your own webshow must take a toll on you after a while.

This from her blog:

Hard to believe the time has already come, but soon enough I’ll be moving on from Mahalo to embark on some exciting new projects! Mahalo Daily has been a really amazing experience (and not just because I get to do things like fly a plane), and I’ll still be producing episodes for the next couple of weeks as host, and then eventually reporting as correspondent.

It’s impressive how far the show has come since we started; at first I was a little apprehensive about the idea of doing episodes 5 days a week while building it from the ground up (as I imagine anyone would be). But with time we’ve assembled a really great, motivated team that makes the whole thing look effortless. Of course, there’s no shortage of solid talent at Mahalo, and they’ll be working with more people in the future too.

It’s all very PC, and she publicly announced her departure on today’s Crankygeeks, giving ol’ coot Dvorak some time to grill her about where she’s going to next. Bets are she’ll probably head to Revision 3–all the tech geeks seem to be heading for that cash cow. It’ll be more awesome if she bucks the trend and joins Leo Laporte’s TWiT channel.

Check out this sneaky little video from a behind-the-scenes interview with her:

And oh, as to WHY she’s so hot. Well, let’s just say she’s the only smokin’-looking 25-year-old who knows her Star Trek inside and out. And she’s willing to be seen in a Trekkie uniform. She’s the living embodiment of the statement “It’s okay to be a nerd.”

  1. i need to say it… i heart ronnie belmont.

  2. How much is a Second Class stamp? Kid Emo Model

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