The New KLue Site

In Online on April 3, 2008 at 11:12 am


Heh. I guess it’s kinda hard to put off plugging the good folks at KLue for their new website and magazine re-design. Overall, the feedback from people has been good–personally, I feel it’s more inviting, readable (I’m getting old, so I need larger fonts), and the Blog is finally a blog, not some crappy medium to push marketing news and events, as it was during my day.

The blog is friendly, short, and personal–and the new site as well as the magazine have arrived just in time to distinguish itself from TimeOut KL. Whereas KLue’s former site would’ve struggled badly against the info-packed TimeOutKL site, this new version caters to the younger generation, has more personality, and fits right into the current media trend of magazines becoming more connected to the readers. (Although, the site hasn’t enabled comments yet.)

Don’t get me wrong. TimeOut has done a marvelous job–no one can deny them that–but they still maintain a certain editorial barrier between them and the reader, and is very direct in its presentation and objective in becoming a city guide. So yeah, good job on both mags for distinguishing themselves apart from each other.

And oh, you can read some of my rubbish Borak! articles on the website too. Have fun.

  1. It’s nice. But it’s kinda old school how they don’t deep-link in the body copy of articles. And there’s no picture galleries or music players or videos (where’s the cross-selling of content?). Lots of room for improvement but it’s already a good start. =P

  2. Yeah, from what I understand it’s still very much a work in progress la, and I guess they needed to roll something out rather than leave it as it was. It’s a good start all right–still a couple of bugs to iron out. Hope they start deep linking too!

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