GQ To Launch In India

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Thought of skipping this story altogether, since, well it’s not as if we’re going to see this magazine here. But thought it’d be worth a mention since the Big Ed at GQ India is Sanjiv Bhattacharya, one of my favourite writers–he was part of my inspiration to join in the magazine business when I started reading his pieces 10 years ago, and now he’s Ed of GQ. Bastard.

From The Guardian:

GQ will launch in India later this year, following in the footsteps of its Condé Nast stablemate Vogue.

The upmarket men’s magazine will launch an Indian edition following the “overwhelming success” of Vogue India, said Jonathan Newhouse, the Condé Nast International chairman.

GQ India will mix international and Indian content. The new Condé Nast title will be edited by Sanjiv Bhattacharya, a former features and contributing editor of the British GQ.

Bhattacharya has worked in America for the past eight years and contributed to the Los Angeles Times, Marie Claire, the Daily Telegraph and the Observer, as well as completing a documentary for Channel 4.

The GQ Russia art director, Brendan Allthorpe, will become art director of GQ India, CJ Kurrien has been appointed senior editor and Iain Ball appointed features editor.

Nicholas Coleridge, the Condé Nast International vice-president, said: “Indian Vogue rapidly dominated the women’s magazine market, far surpassing expectations in both circulation and advertising. It has given us the confidence to start a second title, and GQ is the logical choice.”

All of his pieces are stunning–the ones I remember years after reading include ones on Kirsten Dunst and The Killers (click to read).

  1. Sanjiv is brilliant.

    His piece on the Cirq d’Solei’s (sp? — damned French) Beatles thing in Vegas was a masterful Obama-like bridge between generations. Old Baby Boomers and Gen-X Vegas-goers … “Come Together” and all that.

    He produced a piece for Channel 4 a while back on the polygamist cult in Texas that just got into Traditional Media this week. He’s got a nose for news and knows stories before they’re stories.

    He’s a perfect choice for GQ-India. And anyone who’s interested in India — and we all should be — should read his magazine.

  2. @MonkeyHawk Yeah, if there’s one person to head the team there, it’s him. I reprinted his piece of Warren Jeffs (the polygamist cult leader in Salt Lake City) in a now-defunct magazine I used to work for, and that was as close as I got to know him. His piece on the Mars experiment was damn good too.

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