Cop Gets Busted, While High On Drugs, Stealing A Car.

In News on April 18, 2008 at 8:50 am

Yups, you read right: The New Straits Times reported today about a policeman, high on drugs, who was arrested after he had dozed off in the car he had broken into. Stranger things have happened I guess–especially if you’re in a corrupt country where the police have no regard for the law and… oh, wait. That’s us.

This from the New Straits Times:

MALACCA: A policeman who was high on drugs was arrested after he had dozed off in the car he had broken into to steal the compact disc player here on Monday.

He then led a raiding party to another policeman, an auxiliary policeman and the son of a policeman, who were part of a gang which stole motorcycles.

Both policemen and the auxiliary police personnel are believed to be attached with the Tanjung Kling police station here. The policeman’s son lives in the staff quarters of the police station.

The first policeman was arrested after be broke into a Mercedes Benz at a hotel car park here.

“He was high on drugs and had dozed off,” said a source. “He then led us to his accomplices.”
All four suspects are being held at the state police contingent in Bukit Baru.

It is learnt that the gang also consists of four civilians who are at large.

They are linked to cases of car break-ins and motorcycle thefts.

Sources disclosed that the gang had been active for 10 years.

This is based on the discovery of cannibalised motorcycles in bushes at Taman Tanah Merah Jaya, Tanjung Kling.

  1. McLovin!!!!!!!!!

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