Because Muxtape Is Just Awesome

In Online on April 25, 2008 at 3:01 am

This is what I mean when I say Twitter is awesome for picking out new trends: read a twitter thread from Veronica Belmont this morning that said: “@kevinrose i’ll see your muxtape and raise you 5 better songs than yours.”

Through it, I discovered Muxtape, an awesome site where you can upload songs and create your own online mixtape and share with friends. Just launched late March, Muxtape is a lot like the Music Mixes app on Facebook, only much slicker looking–it’s like soooo Web 2.0, man–and so far, there’s little lag in streaming the music through. It does need a freakin’ search engine though. Navigating through it is very random at the moment, but the blog does provide a good guide to the latest music/apps being added.

You can upload up to 12 songs per page, which sounds kinda limited to me, but then again 12 is really the ideal length for most mixtapes anyway (Insert Neil Diamond reference here). Am trying it out as I blog by adding Jerome Kugan’s songs to my muxtape account (Don’t sue me Jerome!).

Wonder if Junkonline will create their own Muxtapes and share it with their readers. They so should. Oh, and in case you’re wondering where to start, Wired magazine gives you a 101 on where to start for Muxtape n00bs. My personal recommendation would be Veronica Belmont’s. Because she’s yummy.

From Wired:

Muxtape, the online mixtape creation service, has been streaming free, user-generated playlists to the masses since its launch in late March.

But for those eager to begin perusing the wares, where to begin? Liner notes and album art are nonexistent, and creator-chosen titles (like “Fat“) often shed little insight into what the playlists contain.

While aesthetically pleasing, the blocky, colorful grid of available muxtapes is no help either. Without any help navigating Muxtape’s nearly 50,000 handmade compilations, it can be a bit daunting to find the right playlist to satisfy your hungry ears.

Rest assured, mux-curious ones. We’ve painstakingly listened to hundreds of the muxology offerings to cook up this field guide to the types of muxtapes you’ll likely run into when you give the service a try.


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