Hackers Target Firefox and Safari. Is IE Safer? Cripes.

In News, Online on April 28, 2008 at 5:39 am

(Pic from Woodsy)

As more users latch on to Firefox and dump IE, it’s not surprising to hear that hackers are increasing their attacks into these alternative browsers. According to a report in the Washington Post, there were more bugs to be patched in Firefox and Safari in April compared to IE, which had none.

Still though, I’d stick to my trusty open-source browser–Firefox 3.0 is on the horizon, and the open-source community is pretty fast at patching these holes compared to Microsoft. Either way, it looks like the love-hate relationship I have with Java Script continues. It’s so necessary, yet can be so evil. Like Mogwais. Except Mogwais aren’t necessary, and this Mogwai-Java analogy sucks.

From The Washington Post:

Many people are switching from Internet Explorer to alternative browsers such as Firefox and Safari. Though that might make them feel more secure, the shift has also opened new doors for bad guys.

Case in point: We have no IE bugs to report this month, but both Firefox and Safari have been hit hard.

So forget the idea that just because you’ve switched to a new browser, you’re magically safer. You may be for a time, but to stay safe with any software, you need to keep current with fixes.

In a somewhat dubious recognition of Firefox’s growing popularity, hackers have focused their attention on it, leading to a rash of newly discovered holes. The folks at Mozilla recently released two Firefox updates in less than six weeks, fixing a total of five critical security vulnerabilities. All five can be exploited by planting a poisoned JavaScript file in a Web site and waiting for you to stumble across it.


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