Facebook Plans For Facelift

In News on May 17, 2008 at 11:43 am

(Pic from Daily Mail)

If it’s one thing I liked about Facebook the first time around, it was its clean, organized layout. And then came the third-party apps that added, loved, and later loathed. I also never bothered to clear them out, so it’s probably my fault that my page looks like a pile of crap. Thankfully, the people at Facebook have decided to take it on themselves to do the cleaning up with an upcoming redesign. Watch for it in the coming weeks.

This from Businessweek:

Facebook’s designers want to cut the clutter. The Palo Alto (Calif.) social networking site is readying an extensive overhaul of its core profile pages in an attempt to bring back the sleek aesthetic that helped fuel its early popularity. Executives say the redesign should hit the Web browsers of Facebook’s 70 million worldwide users in the next few weeks.

The moves come in reaction to Facebook’s becoming “more cluttered and harder for users to parse,” according to Katie Geminder, the site’s director of user experience and design, who oversees the design team working on the project. As such, the redesign represents a major simplification.

Elements currently displayed on one crowded page—personal information, photos, the continually updating news feed, and the “wall”, where users can post comments, for example—will probably be divided between separate pages and accessible through distinct tabs. The new design also collects and sidelines independently developed applications, such as games of Scrabble or the chance for users to rank the “hotness” of their friends.


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