The MySimplifieds Experiment

In Online on December 11, 2008 at 3:51 pm


So last week was the conclusion of my first beta-testing project that I’ve been working on. It’s this new site called MySimplifieds, a new online classifieds that just came out of the woodworks last Friday. It’s kinda great to see beta user comments actually come into place in the creation of a site, and they did a nice job taking out the best ideas and comments, because goodness knows there were tonnes of comments and suggestions that I wouldn’t know where to start. 

Me? Hah, well, I often chipped in rather late in the discussion list, but I did manage to speak. 

Stuff that’s improved (well beyond what was first introduced by the way) were a simplified layout, a changed logo, personalised user preferences, seller’s profile pages, seller ratings, social media sharing–well, there’s a lot more, but let’s just focus on the product. 

So, anyway. On to the site: they’ve partnered in with a few sellers like BookXcess, Lowyet, and Travel Profiler to post up some stuff to sell to kickstart it, but the site seems to be doing fine in attracting new individual sellers. And given that there are a growing number of online retailers out there, it’s got a big potential to grow. 

As to what the difference is between MySimplifieds, Murah and the other classifieds? Well, at least it does look pretty clean and organised (thanks to us beta-testers), but time, sellers’ reputations, and marketing will tell if the brand name gets out to the public. Will keep an eye on it in the coming months ahead!


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