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Britney, Ashton and Porn Stars: Welcome to the Twitter Age of Celebrity

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There was always talk that one day, Twitter would “break”. There was always talk that one day, when the celebrities come on board, that the microblog that could would be too big for its own good.

“Oh, wait till Britney comes over. Wait ’till Paris comes on board. Then we’ll see how it goes. Will it survive then?” was a question often asked by the panelists on the TWiT podcast. This was back in the day when the Fail Whale happened every other week, when 100,000 followers was a singular anomaly, when Internet superstars like Kevin Rose, Leo Laporte and Robert Scoble were vying for a top three position.

Three years on since Twitter was launched, the stars have signed on, and the result is a surprising whimper rather than the big bang-crash. Britney Spears has tweeted in, so has Ashton Kutcher (aplusk) and Demi Moore (mrskutcher). Porn stars have started jumping on it too, but that’s not much of a surprise if you follow the idea that porn is often at the forefront of driving innovation. Paris has yet to report in, but if Twitter is going the way of Facebook, it’s only a matter of time before she tweets in.

So the time has arrived, and Twitter has yet to be “broken”. Why not? To begin with, I’m not sure if celebrities are worth following–if anything else, watching their feeds just exposes how dull their day-to-day lives are. Here’s a few choice tweets coming from Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore:

Why do those candy hearts with sayings on them taste so bad. Can’t they put words on good candy, like skittles or starburst “be mine” – aplusk.

“Snow is cold! (self)Thank you captain obvious. Shabbat shalom. sharing the bore pre hagefen with my man BW” – aplusk

“On a romantic getaway with my adorable hubby the ex and his great gal emma!”– mrskutcher.

Okay, so the last tweet from Demi was mildly interesting, but then again, most of the world knows what kind of screwy arrangement is going on in that family. For the big ironic laughs, you should see what some pornstars have been tweeting about–they rank as the most mundane tweeterers, more so because slobbering fanboys expect something more — how shall we say — work-related. What you’ll get instead is something less salacious, like this from Stoya (don’t ask me how I know of her. I just do):

“Saki is not supposed to be warm. It is supposed to be cold. Wtf.”

And what about this hard-hitter: “*grumble grumble* I’d rather be in sneakers at a diiiiiiive bar”.

You can almost hear yourself yawn.

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Because Veronica Belmont Is A Song?

In Celebrity, Geek Stuff on April 7, 2008 at 3:33 pm

(Photo from lanbui’s flickr)

Ah, the weirdness of the internet. It’s strange how you can be an online star so easily these days. But then again, it’s Veronica, so I guess it’s only a matter of time before someone takes his crush on her and makes it into a song.

From her blog:

A few weeks ago I received an email from the girlfriend of a member of the band, The Carps. In the letter, she told me that they had written a song called “Veronica Belmont,” and that it was based on Internet culture and feeling like you know the people you meet online. She linked me to their MySpace page, and there it was! It’s a fun song, and some of the lyrics definitely made me chuckle:

Dark light as we expire,
But go ahead, just dance, dance, dance

He pwned in that disco,
When they played chocolate rain, rain, rain.

You can download the track from RCRD LBL here. PS: Not exactly Top Ten material.

Lindsay Lohan Goes Nude Like Marilyn. Creepy.

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So yes. Watching The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan is officially just plain WRONG now. In a shoot for New York Magazine, Lindsay Lohan controversially sheds her clothes in a recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s final shoot by Bert Stern in 1962, some six weeks before Monroe died from an overdose of barbiturates. Those images taken for Vogue magazine featured Monroe in “next to nothing, posing nude with some scarves and jewellery as her accessories and sipping champagne.”

To recreate the shoot as close as possible, Stern shot Lohan in the same hotel, The Bel-Air in California. I think it’s a good move for Lohan–I mean, if she planned on shedding your clothes, she might as well do it in iconic fashion rather than it being for some lads or porno mag like FHM or Playboy.

That being said, however, it only increases my worry that celebrity pop culture is being obsessed with the death of young Hollywood. It wasn’t so long ago that thousands of strangers the world over mourned the death of Heath Ledger, and now this morbid obsession with recreating a moment of vulnerability and fragility is just… well. You figure it out. Read more about it in my KLue column in March.

More NSFW pics can be found at the NYmag website, while Page Six has a creepy comparison between Monroe’s shoot and Lohan’s shoot. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

In 1962, photographer Bert Stern shot a series of photos of Marilyn Monroe that have collectively come to be known as “The Last Sitting.” Taken during several boozy sessions at the Hotel Bel-Air, the photographs are arguably the most famous images ever captured of America’s most famous actress: Monroe, sleepy-eyed and naked, sips from a Champagne glass, enacts a fan dance of sorts with various diaphanous scarves, romps with erotic playfulness on a bed of white linens.

Six weeks after she had posed, Monroe was found dead of an apparent barbiturate overdose.

Forty-six years later, Stern has revisited his classic shots with Lindsay Lohan, another actress whose prodigious fame is not quite commensurate with her professional achievements. Stern, who shot the photos on film rather than digitally, told me he was interested in Lohan because he suspected “she had a lot more depth to her” than one might assume from “those teenage movies.”

Indeed, many in the film industry believe that Lohan has yet to pursue projects equal to her gifts. Without putting too fine a point on it, you might say Lohan has, like Monroe, a knack for courting the tabloids and tripping up her career. (Readers will remember that Lohan had her own Billy Wilder moment two summers ago on the set of Georgia Rule.)

Stern said the project also grew out of his interest in “controversial women,” or “bad girls,” like “Britney, Paris, and Lindsay.” Monroe was, in a sense, the original tabloid queen.

Oh, and I think they’re nice. I heart freckles.

Because it’s Marisa Miller on Sports Illustrated

In Celebrity on February 12, 2008 at 3:05 pm


Well, expect these pictures to float around pretty quickly. Just unveiled on the Late Show with David Letterman was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2008 issue was Marisa Miller on the cover, with the coverline “Barely Bikinis”. Gawsh. It’s time to just… well, since it’s lent, I’m just gonna say “appreciate God’s creation.” And you should too.

Go to Popcrunch (they have an awesome videoblog) for more pics and the video clip of David Letterman doing the unveiling. Read the rest of this entry »

First Brad, then Heath, next… Britney?

In Celebrity on January 24, 2008 at 8:52 am


(Pic from

In a rather weird quirk of coincidence concerning the death of young Hollywood, last week featured a couple of op-ed columns on the public’s fascination with Britney Spears. The bigger of the two headlines involved Jon Friedman’s Media Web, and his atrociously, but attention-grabbing title: “Britney Spears is heading toward a tragic end”, in which he declares how the Paparazzi are determined to hound Britney until she’s dead, much in the same way that Diana died.

I don’t believe it’s so far-fetched. Remember what happened to Anna Nicole Smith and Princess Diana? Even if you don’t blame the paparazzi for Smith’s demise, there is no way to defend their glee in exploiting her fame after she died.
The paparazzi aren’t interested in covering Spears’ story with any acknowledgement of her right to privacy. The fiasco has spiraled completely out of control, well beyond the bounds of acceptable good taste by any reasonable standard. What’s especially unfortunate is that her two small children will eventually pay a big price.

The Spears train wreck is so fascinating and lucrative that it has ensnared the mainstream media, too. CNN’s “Larry King Live,” no stranger to tabloid television segments, examined the psychodrama in gruesome detail on Monday night.

This story seems destined to end badly for Britney Spears. If indeed the paparazzi hound her into an early grave, you can count on them to go on “Larry King Live” and the like, express their distress and offer sympathy to the Spears clan.

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A Final Glance At Heath; Baptist Morons protest Memorial Service. Jeebus.

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(Pic from Gawker, link below)

Gawker Media gets “the last images of Heath Ledger alive, filming on the set of the movie ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ in London, a fantasy-adventure based around a traveling theater company.”

While news surrounding the cause of his death–suicidal or not–remains vague, one thing’s for sure: there are some Baptist Morons in Kansas who are protesting Heath Ledger’s memorial service because he promoted homosexuality. Crackerjacks.

A radical Baptist church in Kansas known for picketing the funerals of soldiers who perished in Iraq said it intends to protest Heath Ledger’s memorial service with signs claiming the actor died and is in Hell because he played a gay character in “Brokeback Mountain.”

Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka said that she and other members will picket Ledger’s United States memorial services, not those held in his native Australia.

“You cannot live in defiance of God,” she said. “He got on that big screen with a big, fat message: God is a liar and it’s OK to be gay.”

A press release circulated by the church references Leviticus 18:22 in the Bible, which states that “thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

Because Carmen Electra Became Hot Without Make-Up

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Gotta admit that when I first saw this story on Digg I didn’t really hit it. I mean, Carmen Electra is so overdone and over made up, I never expected anything too mind-blowing with the title “I Never Knew Carmen Electra Was This Pretty.” Then, Diggnation happened, I saw the picture, and I was blown away (full pic here). And yes, I know there’s a pussy on her back, but this is such a totally SFW and innocent picture that no puns come to mind at the mo. Yes, it is possible to see a Carmen Electra photo without having dirty thoughts. Read the rest of this entry »

Kevinz sez: Ask Marion!

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Haven’t been picking through Kevin’s blog over the past couple of days, so I was glad to see this little post, with a big-ass picture of Marion Caunter. The message of the post? Well, now, through his blog, you can exclusively ask Marion all the questions you’ve been dying to ask about her. Deadline is 8th January–so hurry up!
Already, I feel an Isaac-OMG-I’m-Dying-To-Know segment coming on and I’m refraining myself from asking FHM-questions like “Do you like Bananas?” But really folks, she’s super nice, and I’ve got a special place for her in my heart since she was my first interviewee when I was a shy FHM rookie writer way back in 2004. I was tongue-tied then, and I think she was kinda nervous about it too. Ah, good times.

Because It’s (not) Britney, Bitch.

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I was trawling through the Guardian website last night, and came upon this interesting critique about Britney Spears’s album, Blackout. It’s basically a rant targeted at music critics who gave the album the thumbs up and praising Britney, and not the producers, for her amazing comeback, fightback, attitude, etc. But “Britney had nothing to do with it,” according Caroline Sullivan, “nor with the ‘futuristic, thrilling’ ambience that had critic after critic dribbling superlatives.”

It’s a really insightful, if short, piece about the state of modern pop-stars (and a dig at n00b music critics) these days. I love Blackout–it truly is one of the best pop albums of 2007–but Ms Sullivan does have a point. It’s the producers we’ve got to thank, as much as I’d like to say that Blackout was Britney’s great comeback to all her haters out there who put her down and out for the count. Nope, she’s no Rocky, peeps.

Well, then again, Rocky was a manufactured character, so I guess the analogy does fit.

Despite having cowritten two tracks, her involvement was minimal. Britney’s job was to come in and sing; Danja and company did the rest. Even the eyebrow-raising “It’s Britney, bitch,” which opened the single Gimme More, was reportedly suggested by a producer.

Why did so many reviewers give credit where it wasn’t due? They must have been romanticising like mad – they’d have to have done, to be able to see in the lumpen Britney a parallel with the tragic heroines whose creativity really was at its most fruitful during periods of anguish. Spears is not a musician, or even a “singer,” as such – she’s an entertainer who, like the Spice Girls, hasn’t been beaten with the talent stick, but has powered through by a combination of sweat, determination and timeliness. She’s not of the class of artists who funnel their despair into their art, and shouldn’t be applauded as such.

uh-oh. What Will Paris Do?

In Celebrity on December 27, 2007 at 1:52 pm

At least she skips inheritance tax

It’s every heiress’s nightmare come true: Paris Hilton’s rich granddaddy donates 97% of his wealth to charity. I feel kinda sorry for the girl actually, but now she’s got every reason to push on for a follow-up pop album. Let’s just hope she doesn’t try too hard and do a typical sophomoric “rebel-this-is-the-real-me” rock album.

U.S. hotel heiress Paris Hilton’s potential inheritance dramatically diminished after her grandfather Barron Hilton announced plans on Wednesday to donate 97 percent of his $2.3 billion (1.16 billion pounds) fortune to charity.

That wealth includes $1.2 billion Barron Hilton stands to earn from both the recent sale of Hilton Hotels Corp. — started by his father Conrad in 1919 when he bought a small hotel in Cisco, Texas — and pending sale of the world’s biggest casino company, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.

Presenting: The Superficial Friends

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Welcome to the Anorexic Hall of Justice! Featuring Bob Saget. Picked up from


Presenting: Rehab Britney

In Celebrity on February 28, 2007 at 6:48 am


The first story I dugg this morning was this fluffy little piece on the new Britney Spears doll. Hey, what can I say–I love celebrity trash like this once in a while. That, and anything involving Scarlett Johansson in a bikini. Besides, who would’ve imagined that 5 years ago something like this would’ve come up? I guess this comes to show how the nature of celebrity is changing; worshipping them was sooooo Spice Girls era. Oh, and just so you can get to know more dirt on BS, here’s a little news that says she was into threesomes (the good kind–two girls).

Right. That’s enough celebrity news for now. I feel dumber already.